My Capability Plan
My Capability Plan is a self-assessment tool provided exclusively to CPA members that assesses capabilities against CPA Australia’s Accounting and Finance Capability Framework. By undertaking this assessment, CPA Members will identify capability strengths and areas for development to help guide future learning activities and career development.
Set time aside
The self-assessment will take you approximately 15 minutes. If you can’t finish it, you can save and return at a later time.
Assess your abilities
Assess your ability for each capability statement and the importance of the statement for success in your current role.
Be future ready
See a summary of how future-ready you are against CPA Australia’s Accounting and Finance Capability Framework.
The Capabilities
The Capability Framework
CPA Australia has developed an Accounting and Finance Capability Framework that informs expectations of the profession and continuing professional development (CPD).
To prepare members for a rapidly changing professional landscape, the capabilities capture the desired and potential attributes and qualities of current and future members to be "Future-Ready", the capacity to be ready to create value now and for the future.
Defined and Validated
Future requirements and trends impacting the profession informed the design of future-ready capabilities for members. Stakeholder validation was conducted with members, thought leaders, employers and academics to ensure a credible and robust framework.
World Class Standard
The Framework recognises international standards of accounting practice and allows for ongoing global recognition of technical knowledge, skills and attributes between professional accounting and finance bodies.
The self-assessment will take approximately 15 minutes.